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The founders of mipOS, a Y Combinator company, partnered with Rafiki to advise throughout their expansion. We focused on developing people strategies to enable sustainable growth and compel top-tier talent. 




  • Crafted and implemented a scalable talent and people framework to facilitate expansion

  • Extensive market research providing qualitative and quantitative data points to identify top-tier talent for leadership roles

  • Weekly reporting metrics and market intelligence along with a real-time dashboard 



  • Annual Hiring Plan || Organisational Design  || Equity Allocation

  • Compensation Benchmarking || Candidate Experience

  • Employee Engagement || Career Tracks || Performance Metrics || Offsite Planning  

  • Diversity and Inclusion || Recruitment Operations || Culture Frameworks


A thought partner, laser-focused operator and relationship wizard; this is the unparalleled combined value-add that Arun brings to business leaders across continents and industries. I had the opportunity to work twice with Arun. His ability to reduce complexity and become an expert of vast markets in a short period of time is gold. Aligning vision, strategy, and attracting top talent is Arun's enormous contribution to general management seeking to unleash the potential of their business.

A thought partner, laser-focused operator and relationship wizard.

Valentin Vermersch

Co-Founder at mipOS (YC Alumni)

Case Study - mipOS

As the first talent hire outside of the US, Lime partnered with Rafiki during stealth mode to lead expansion hiring globally. We managed leadership and market team hiring across Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. We also served as the Talent Lead on Lime's global SWAT team of functional leaders crafting market entry playbooks.


  • Instilled recruitment process to enable hypergrowth hiring and improve all recruitment metrics

  • Implemented a recruitment technology stack to optimise speed and candidate experience

  • Defined roles, wrote job descriptions and crafted a prioritised hiring plan that aligned with commercial objectives

  • Applied a lean executive search methodology; ensuring no hiring decision was a choice between speed or quality

  • Developed targeted talent pipelines for current and future key hires aligned with annual hiring targets

  • Produced weekly reporting metrics and market intelligence along with a real-time dashboard 

  • Revamped: Interview Process || Interview Team Training || Candidate Experience || Offsite Planning || Organisational Design || Diversity and Inclusion || Recruitment Team Training || Sourcing Initiatives || 



  • Trained and coached Europe HR/Talent team during hypergrowth to execute on 100+ hires in 4 months

  • Built and executed a curated end-to-end recruitment process for each function

  • Managed end-to-end recruitment cycle of 50+ hires

  • Sourced and headhunted all critical roles: 25+ hires || 10+ functions || 15+ countries

  • Significantly improved the ratio of diversity hires

  • Time to Hire Average: 30 days

  • Offer Acceptance Ratio: 95%+

  • Passed Probation: 100%

  • High rates of retention and promotions​


Markets include: Berlin, London, Singapore, Mexico City, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Sao Paulo 


One of my most effective resources at Lime. Arun came onboard as our only recruiter for 6 months, hiring the majority of the European team. He was immersed in our needs 24/7 with a level of proactivity I've rarely come across. He has a rare intuition for placing talent fast and building high quality teams; his hires consistently going on to be top performers. He proved the perfect Swiss army knife for assembling the puzzle of our hyper-growth.

The go-to for growing culture, hiring leadership and building teams.

Gauthier Derrien

Vice President Growth at Jobandtalent


Lime was fortunate to find and jump in with Arun when we did. He helped us recruit a world-class team in record time. His sincerity, thoughtfulness and work ethic built a deep level of trust, amongst candidates and stakeholders, enabling us to move fast and collaboratively. We worked closely building Lime's Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America teams. I'd build with Arun again, and will one day soon.

A builder, dreamer, strategist, collaborator, and deep Talent expert.

Caen Contee

Founder at Ozone VC. Founding Lime Exec

Case Study - Lime
1200px-The_logo_for_Postmates.svg (2).pn

Postmates partnered with Rafiki to hire critical hard-to-fill leadership roles for their first international market outside of the US. We expedited their hiring to accelerate Postmate's market growth whilst developing pipelines for future key hires.



  • Lean executive search methodology to expedite leadership roles

  • Extensive market research providing qualitative and quantitative data points to identify top-tier talent 

  • Significantly improved candidate experience and engagement through a curated best-in-class process

  • Developed targeted preloaded pipelines for current and future key hires to get hiring targets back on track

  • Targeted shortlist of market leaders for Head of Communications Latin America calibrated with Global Chief of Communications



  • Weekly reporting updates with market intelligence

  • Real time recruitment dashboard

  • 100% response and engagement rate from targeted shortlist 

  • Finalists: 5

  • Hire: 32 days


A professional on all levels. Arun helped me fill several key hard-to-fill leadership roles. He deeply understand the tech industry, sourcing and vetting candidates with spectacular accuracy. He masterfully engages top talent, ensuring they’re prepared and excited throughout the process. I would recommend his services to any company looking for great talent at scale and, more importantly, a great partner who truly cares for their long term vision.

We had to debate who to hire from a group of stellar finalists.

Marc Mitchell

General Manager at Postmates
Case Study - Postmates

Helped build the Global Leadership (Director+) hiring function and then lead the Product and Technology Leadership hiring vertical. After 7 months given broader scope to encompass all leadership roles.


  • Crafted and delivered the executive recruitment strategy for Product and Technology leadership hiring 

  • Promoted as an employer of choice to the next generation of leaders: top tier MBAs, startup entrepreneurs

  • Innovated and iterated sourcing strategies to develop qualitative and quantitative market landscape analysis 

  • Championed the brand with industry leaders, developing future hire pipelines



  • Applied a lean executive search methodology across all roles to accelerate time to hire

  • Produced weekly reporting metrics and market intelligence across functions

  • Implemented and scaled a curated best-in-class candidate experience for leadership candidates

  • Hires Included: Director of New Business, Head of Analytics, Director of User Experience, Director of Software Engineering


Arun and I worked together at where he oversaw leadership hiring. To call Arun a recruiter would be selling him short - he has some of the most finely tuned people & business skills of anyone I have met in my career; someone who is a valued thought partner and teaches me something new every time we speak. He is as comfortable building recruitment processes for high volume scale-ups as he is in developing people and values strategies for start-ups, collaboratively executing and educating as he goes along. 

I would jump at the chance to work with him again.

Ross Inman

Head of Talent at Rekki

“The Swiss army knife of the recruitment industry”

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