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  • Rafiki translates into friend. Uphold the bar of sincerity and investment a friend would make.

  • Build companies we’d proudly recommend to friends and family as consumers and employees.

  • Always be upbeat and approachable. Building together should be fun, not a chore.

  • Invest in the ripple effect of good will; it's better to be overly generous.

  • Reputation will always outlast fees.

  • Connect dots to advisers, investors and problem solvers wherever possible.

  • Advocate that diversity is complex and critical, not binary and a bonus. Strive for diversity of thought and equity of opportunity.

  • Serve as a passionate, informed and curious ambassador for partners.

  • A relentless work ethic, radical candour, intellectual curiosity, proactivity and empathy serve as the best toolkit for problem solving.

  • Build success stories not dependencies.




  • Never be precious. Building requires rolling up your sleeves, finding and cleaning the mess.

  • Tackle immediate needs whilst identifying and solving underlying problems.

  • Always be reachable and responsive. Growth is real-time decision making.

  • Uphold the highest bar in differentiating between finding a great candidate and hiring the perfect candidate.

  • Construct process as the accelerant to growth, not throttle.

Curious to see how this translates into reality?

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